Bomb Squad Sets Off Explosions
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Anon Emous
2017-07-02 02:58:41 UTC
I TEAM: Bomb Squad Sets Off Explosions For Fireworks Warning

CLEVELAND - The Southwest Enforcement Bureau Bomb Squad teamed up with the FOX 8 I TEAM, setting off explosions to send a warning about the ...


Why does the Bomb Squad wear camouflage uniforms?

New York State Police — M80 Demolition Miscue — April 27, 1978


The WiZard is In.
The departure [of the balloon Royal Vauxhall, November 1836] was well publicized, especially the spectacular list of supplies that were intended to victual the three-man crew up to three weeks. These included forty pounds of ham, beef and tongue; forty-five pounds of cooked game and preserves; forty pounds of bread, sugar and biscuits; and not least sixteen pints of each sherry, port and brandy, together with a dozen bottles of champagne…..

Much of the weight of these provisions (two hundred pounds) would eventually ofcourse become expendable organic ballast, although the exact arrangements for disposing of this were not advertized.

Richard Holmes
Falling Upwards How we took to the air [Ballooning]
Pantheon Books 2013

Original reference —

Mason Monck
Aeronautica, or Sketches Illustrative of the Theory and Practice of Aerostation London 1838
(Can be DL’d from Google.com/books)

Reminds me of signs in train restrooms — Do Not Flush In Station.
2017-07-03 02:29:44 UTC
Post by Anon Emous
Why does the Bomb Squad wear camouflage uniforms?
So they can sneak up on bombs in the woods, silly. Seriously, this IS silly -- part of a trend in the USA to give authorities a military look, so the public will fear them.
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