Kinepouch and Kinestik
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2017-10-07 06:11:56 UTC
Hey, i was wondering if anyone had any info on either Kinepouch of Kinestik
explosives... like if it is low explosive/HE/detonation velocity/ingredients?
The reason why i am intrested is because here in Canada it is LEGAL for ANYONE
to actually mix the inexplosive component parts at or near the place of use...
Years ago I worked for a construction company installing a high tension electricity transmission line in Oklahoma, USA. We frequently encountered sandstone formations while drilling holes for the tower structures and used explosives to fracture the rock so it could be removed, and I worked as the "blast man" for the project.

We used Kinestik as the explosive of choice. It came as powder in a plastic tube about the size of a stick of dynamite. To make it "hot" you just emptied the tube into a hard hat, mixed a red gel from a plastic packet in, shoved it back into the tube and inserted a blasting cap. To make it work we drilled holes into the rock to be blasted, inserted the pre-wired sticks, covered with earth and covered the hole with a cable spool end. Each stick had the equivalent blast power of about a quarter stick of dynamite.

On one particularly stubborn hole I was ordered to load two sticks per hole into three holes. I argued the point, but needed the job, so did as I was told. When I set the charge off the shock wave broke the superintendant's windshield and the cable spool end we used to cover the hole and direct the blast looked like a dime someone had flipped into the air. Everyone had to take cover as rocks and debris rained down everywhere for about a minute afterwards.

When I left the company I managed to take a "sample of the stuff with me, but never got to play with it and over the years it drew dampness and I had to throw it out.

It was lots of fun to work with, but don't let static electricity get into your connecting wires or you could have a premature detonation, which would not be fun.

Hope that's what you were looking for.
2017-10-11 01:43:23 UTC
: OK, thanx...
: I know it's legal because it's listed in the Office Consolidation Explosives
: Act.. Government document... Gettable at one's local library.
: at least anyone MIXING it is legal... doubt about setting it off though...
: Short Title
: 1. This Order mayb be cited as the Kinepouch and Kinestik Explosives
: Order, 1981.
: Blending
: 2. Any person may blend the inexplosive component parts of the authorized
: explosives, KINEPOUCH and KINESTIK, at or near the place of use.
Well, according to 2. - if the explosive is indeed AN an NM, then you cannot
mix them. Both substances are explosive.
AN alone is, as you already know, very insensitive. An explosive mixture
of a fuel and AN, e.g. ANFO is called a 'a blasting agent' or a tertiary
explosive. Such an explosive isn't cap-sensitive, and in that case not
an explosive, at least not a secondary (please correct me if I'm wrong).
NM alone is also not explosive, only with a sentisizer. E.g. a strong
base. PLX is an explosive made of +/- 5% ethylenediamine and NM.
In the past one could transport NM in an ordinary truck. There have been
some accidents, so it might not be a tertiary explosive.
A half year ago, I got a mail from a policeofficer, that kinestick is a
mix of AN and NM. They stored it separated at the policestation.
(probably because of the fact, that the chemicals alone aren't
BTW is it possible to buy sodium azide for a 'normal' reason. Or as a
common ingredient?
Sodium Azide is a potent biocide used for sterilizing. It is also right about as as toxic as sodium cyanide, for the same reasons.