Bottle Rockets
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2018-02-01 03:21:21 UTC
Same thing here....glass all over my legs...my nose...and some around my eyes. Never again.
Robert Goodman
2018-02-04 04:09:03 UTC
What would you people say the best type of bottle rocket is w/ good report?
I'm talking about the small kind you can shoot outta glass soda bottles.
Now I'm partial to my own. Not a solution if you want a lot of them, though.

Mine are slightly larger bore than the standard "jap rocket" as we called them. I roll the case on an old brass lamp piece that's about 3/8" dia. The nozzle for a black powder motor is a wire crimp choke. The motor itself is approximately an end burner, but the bare match fuse (also home made) goes in a little so it can't be a true end burner. Best propellant is ball milled (rock tumbler, 4 hrs.) dust ranging from 15:6:2 to 15:3:2, depending on strength needed. For a report, crimp above the motor, add salute/cracker mix, & close by glue-&-paper wad. Stick's a bamboo skewer, glued & taped.

Whistlers are even easier. No nozzle, so no bottom crimp, but the report can be formed by crimping AFTER pressing, thus using the whistle propellant as the explosive for the report too.


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